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Since day one of my Internet adventure my interest was focused on Web Site Development. My first page was born on May 7, 1996. That was, of course my private Web Site. From that time on, I've changed and updated it.
The Internet grows very fast and the WWW World is richer than ever. Alongside simple graphic designs you can decorate your own cyberspace corner with animation and sound. The possibilietes are endless.
Here is the list of WWW Sites I've developed.

Wojtek Lorenc Home Page
Rather big site, created in both English and Polish languages. Page created on May 7th, 1996, third web site on the Complex Computers server. One of most visited sites on said server.
The Official Site of K.S.Iskra Kielce
K.S. Iskra Kielce is one of the best polish professional handball clubs. Created July 11th, 1996. With 15 subpages. All in Polish. 4th best sports page in Poland (according to Polish Internet Sport Fan Club). Page created with cooperation of Iskra Kielce Front Office.
During the 1997/98 season, due to my temporary departure from Kielce, site is maintained by someone else.

Fantasy Football
Probably biggest of my pages. 40 subpages. All in English. On the US server. Check it out, especially if you like American Football.
Poltron Corporation
Another site on an US server. English version only. A page devoted to Poltron Corporation of Gaithersburg, MD.
in the 1996 Inc. 500
list of the
private companies

Hydromel Co Ltd
Another business site. That of a Polish firm. So far with basic information. Still under development.
The Home Page of Mike and Amy
My brother's page, on US server. Two language versions.
The WWW Site of Kasia Lorenc
An example of a very simple site. I've created it for my eight-years-old sister. Shows how you can use an Internet to showcase your art work.
The WWW Site of Jadwiga Lorenc
That's my mom's Web Site. You can use an Internet to find people with similar interests, as this page demonstrates.
If you want your own Web Site, but can't or have no time to do it yourself, contact me.
As you can see, I have knowldege and experiences at that field and I guarantee that you'll be satisfied with final results.

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